How to design, develop and integrate fuel cell powertrains

FEV's Murat Peksen investigates how fuel cell systems can improve urban air quality, and how to take the technology from concept to production

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August 27, 2019 – 10am (Stuttgart) | 1:30pm (New Delhi)

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The development and use of hydrogen fuel cell systems as alternative powertrains, also known as fuel cell vehicles (FCVs), continues to grow around the world. Zero-emissions vehicles that are powered by hydrogen fuel cells are one of the options that would considerably reduce urban air pollution from the transportation sector.

The FEV Group has been engaged in the development of fuel cell applications for the last 20 years. The design and development of various auxiliary components, concepts and systems—as well as vehicle integration—has been a major field for the company during this time.

In this 60-minute webinar, Murat Peksen, Director of the Fuel Cell Competence Center at FEV, provides a detailed overview of FEV’s fuel cell activities in the automotive space. Topics discussed will range from the development of FEV’s modular fuel cell system, an insight into 3D multiphysics modelling and the necessary steps for vehicle integration.